6 strong action verbs for your CV

6 strong action verbs for your CV

When you need to make the perfect CV, it’s important to avoid overused and unimpressive verbs.

No one wants to read a boring, predictable resume full of worn out and outdated verbs. You want to take the time to write your resume with as much punch and liveliness as possible, to grab the reader’s attention and admiration as quickly as possible. Some experts claim that whoever reads your resume decides in seconds whether you are a candidate worth calling back. In a few seconds! It is a very short period of time, and therefore a very short opportunity to stand out as a great candidate. Every sentence represents a chance to be remembered, so make sure you get it right!

Choosing strong, industry-appropriate words is a key success factor when it comes to making your resume more powerful and efficient. These carefully chosen verbs help showcase your skills and contributions, which can be difficult to convey in just a few sentences. It’s important to accurately disclose what you’re doing and using the right action verbs makes that all the more possible.

CV action verbs

Persuaded. Instead of saying that you have “talked” to others, you can point out how you have been able to persuade others with useful knowledge of the industry. Employers want to hire people who are confident leaders, willing to use their wisdom and persuasive skills in their new role.

Influenced. Rather than saying that you have “talked” to people about projects or that you have “informed” them about situations, you can emphasize your ability to influence others and strengthen the mission of the company. Every business wants to hire someone who can be of great influence. So tell them that you are just like that!

Mediatized. All companies want their best assets to be well-publicized. Someone who has the ability to publish information does. Tell your employer how you can help them communicate their mission to the public.

Using appropriate keywords can also make your resume look more formal and thoughtful. Remember, you want to appear as professional and knowledgeable as possible, which is why taking the time to use the right strong action words is essential.

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Action verbs for organizational skills and job tasks

It can be difficult to find original ways to say the same things over and over again. Many CVs have the same skill headings, and more often than not they are quite impressive and repetitive. Here are some recommendations for using action verbs that could dramatically improve your CV. Having a list of verbs that can be used also decreases the chances of having to reuse the same verb, which decreases the effectiveness of a word.

Insider. Instead of saying that you are an “experienced” manager, you could say that you are “well versed” in the areas of management and recruiting. While it means the same thing, it helps to have another way of framing your successes.

Delegate. When talking about your duties, it seems best to say that certain tasks have been delegated to you. Alternatively, you can also say that you have led a project and delegated tasks to the appropriate team members.

Established. When you mention projects you created or led, it seems more formal to say that they were established during your leadership period.

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These six verbs are a good start!

Write Instead of Why?
Directed Led You did more than ‘run’ a project, you took charge of it and made it work, making it a success!
Analyzed Gathered In our data-driven world, you need to be able to learn from data, not just collect it.
Directed Coordinated This indicates that you were in the driver’s seat.
Forged Started Do you hear the difference? You left an indelible mark when you developed a new protocol or system.
Convinced Shown You did more than show a client or colleague, you sold your idea.

These small changes in the use of more impressive action verbs in the CV can have a big impact on the reader’s experience, and therefore on your chances of getting hired. Be as specific as possible when choosing words that relate to your professional experience. Then, prepare your dictionary and your keyword directory to spice them up. You will be glad you took the time to make these changes which could result in an offer of an employment contract.

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