Geolocation of employees: what rules to respect?

The geolocation of employees is a good example of the trivialization of new technologies within the company: it is a process allowing to determine the geographical position of an individual or an object at a specific time. This system has been subject to strict regulation by CNIL. THE BASIC CONDITIONS OF THE GEOLOCATION OF EMPLOYEES […]

Know how to network to find an internship?

A task often perceived as extremely difficult and insurmountable, the search for an internship is nevertheless a crucial step in your integration into the professional world. To obtain an internship that meets your different criteria, you will have to show patience and research conducted with tactics. Often panicked, many are those who do not exploit […]

The richest person’s university degree in each country

Money and school don’t always go hand in hand, but it doesn’t hurt to tip the scales in your favor with a good college education. However, sometimes choosing the most appropriate degree is the most difficult part. It can be helpful to seek inspiration from people who have already been successful in your chosen industry. […]