How is work organized within a wage portage?

How is work organized within a wage portage?

How wage portage works

If you want to get started in wage portage, it is important to know its specifics. You sign an employment contract in agreement with the establishment of wage portage. It is then that you become an employee of this company. But far from the many constraints undergone in a typical company, wage portage ensures you the possibility of setting your rates, but also of working with customers that interest you. You negotiate your own contracts and can break them without having to ask your umbrella company for permission.

But unlike a sole proprietorship, you don’t have to manage the billing for the services you offer. This service is provided by the establishment of wage portage. It is also she who will recover the sums from your customers. From this sum will be kept the amounts of social contributions issued to the various legal establishments. You will also have the deduction of the commercial commission provided for the payment of the services of the portage establishment.

To keep a record of all these steps, you receive a payslip equivalent to that of a traditional employee. Wage portage is particularly renowned for offering much more comprehensive social coverage than that of a self-employed person or a retiree. Retirement is more important and the employee of a wage portage can claim unemployment rights while the micro-entrepreneur does not have access to them.

How to obtain the status of a ported employee?

The ported employee is a very specific status that is framed by a certain number of laws. A collective agreement has been drawn up and is based on a tripartite relationship.

A precise collective agreement

Dating from March 22, 2017, this collective agreement was created by the social partners and offers a framework for the rights of employees who carry out their activity in wage portage. It is continuously improving and aims to offer better social protection while maintaining its freedom.

A service contract

This is a contract that is signed with the establishment of wage portage, your client, and yourself. It explains the characteristics linked to your service to your client and the resulting remuneration.

You can find there:

  • the duration of your mission;
  • the means used;
  • the precise description of your role with your client;
  • the amount due;
  • payment terms;
  • details related to your mission.

The employment contract

The employment contract unites you to the wage portage company. It comes in the form of a fixed-term or indefinite contract. This contract frames the rights and obligations of the employee and the wage portage company. The employee must not start his work with the wage portage company before having signed his employment contract.

What professions are open to wage portage?

Everyone cannot claim wage portage. To be able to sign an employment contract with an umbrella company, you must be in one of the following situations:

  • freelancers or micro-entrepreneurs;
  • job seekers or young graduates;
  • project leaders;
  • retirees or pre-retirees;
  • consultants and international stakeholders.

Besides, people wishing to obtain the status of the supported employee must exercise an intellectual activity. For example, a person who practices a plumbing service, maintenance of green spaces, or petsitting cannot claim to sign a contract with the company of wage portage.

The carried employee is also in the obligation to guarantee a high level of expertise in the field and the services offered to customers. He must be completely autonomous and must find his own future clients and potential assignments. He freely chooses his clientele and cannot claim that the establishment of wage portage provides him with missions. He is the master of his work and his missions to be able to make his business prosper and to meet his needs.

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What is the remuneration of a supported employee?

The employee cannot claim to recover all the sums he invoices. The portage company collects the social contributions that it undertakes to pay to the legal authorities and also recovers the administrative and commercial costs for the services it provides. On the other hand, it also supports you in the management of professional expenses. After a complete assessment, the consultant of the umbrella company will help you understand your needs and your financial constraints. It shows you the possible reductions in costs or offers you the possibility of adjusting your costs according to expenses (travel, meal expenses, expenses related to overnight stays while traveling, etc.).

The advantages of wage portage

The wage portage will surely not suit everyone and yet it offers a real possibility of launching its activity without suffering the many risks. It’s a balance between independence and protection.

Thanks to this hybrid status, you benefit from:

  • More comprehensive social protection and tax advantages,
  • True independence and a lot of freedom,
  • A positive and reassuring image for your prospects who will find it easier to engage with you,
  • The freedom not to have to deal with administrative constraints,
  • Expert advice and access to a network of entrepreneurs from a wide variety of backgrounds.

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