Know how to network to find an internship?

Know how to network to find an internship?

A task often perceived as extremely difficult and insurmountable, the search for an internship is nevertheless a crucial step in your integration into the professional world. To obtain an internship that meets your different criteria, you will have to show patience and research conducted with tactics. Often panicked, many are those who do not exploit all the resources put at their disposal to find the internship of their dreams.

Here is a top 10 specially designed for successful networking:

Define your project

Going headlong will get you nowhere. Take a sheet of paper and a pencil, list one by one the main criteria to take into account when looking for your internship. Mainly answer the following questions:

  • What is the most suitable position and accessible to my request?
  • What are my geographic limits?
  • Do I have a car?
  • What are my wishes in terms of tutoring?
  • I want proximity and an internship supervisor present at every moment of my internship?
  • Do I prefer to have some autonomy to test my ability to adapt myself to a given position?

Duplicate your CV

To be able to network without the slightest flaw, create your CV in two formats: one dedicated to paper printing (word processing file), the other will be established in PDF format to be able to apply via your email.


After defining your project and producing your CV in multiple formats, you will need to analyze the supply and demand. See what types of businesses are most likely to recruit in your industry. This will make it possible to redouble your efficiency by not spreading too thinly, and this with a minimum of effort.


You certainly have a large circle of acquaintances. Families, friends, neighbors, and comrades, do not hesitate to tell them about your research, they will help you more than you think. Be careful all the same for too many outbursts of charity. You will certainly have to refuse certain proposals that do not correspond absolutely with your research and your established criteria. To avoid any confusion and disappointment on their part in their desire to help, distribute them mini flyers where the object of your research is explicitly formulated there, obviously with your contact details mentioned.


And yes! With the rise of various technologies, the internet will be your best friend throughout your research. Many job boards also contain internship offers. Nothing prevents you from applying for an offer normally dedicated to an experienced professional, the company will contact you if it is interesting.
Some networking platforms between job seekers and companies allow you to place an ad, do it, better to bet more than not enough.

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Social networks

These sites transmit a lot of information at lightning speed. Some have groups dedicated to finding jobs and internships, others are genuinely specialized in professional networking and some are much more private. Often open internationally, do not hesitate to create an account on the various social networks that you know, and publish a public message. If you meet subscribers, ask them to share, and you will see, your information will be relayed in no time.

Network the old way

Of course, with the many tools that Nowadays, this technique is no longer considered optimal and is often let loose. Think again! Many companies appreciate that internship seeker come and hand over their CV and cover letter, this shows them how dedicated they are to their research. So to maximize your chances of finding an internship as soon as possible, do not hesitate to go door to door. Of course, be sure to show up outside peak hours to get maximum attention from them when submitting your application and not to cause any discomfort. In addition to applications made to companies, you can make a few small posters that you will display in supermarkets and local shops in your village. Do not underestimate the impact that this could have on your research, many are those who still now come to consult the small advertising walls left at your disposal.

Stay connected

If you have a smartphone or tablet or any other type of easily transportable connected device, set up notifications for your mailbox. Be responsive, assume that “first applied, first taken”. Some sites and social networks also have an app that will also notify you of responses and new ads matching your search.


To make sure your request ends up being taking into account human resources, do not hesitate to combine sending your curriculum vitae with your cover letter by post office box, but also by email via your mailbox and drop it in person directly at the reception of the business. By multiplying the different sending methods, you will be sure that your CV does not end up in the trash without having been read by a manager or a person dedicated to the internal recruitment of the company.


If you find that no feedback has been given after a few weeks or months (if you have gone ahead with your research) from companies. Do not hesitate to follow up on those who have not given you an answer so far. You can try to resend your CV, go in person to find out how your application is being processed, or make a phone call. No need to harass them every day. Space your reminders and count them for each company to the number of two maximum.

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