Self-employed, how to master your communication?

Self-employed, how to master your communication?

Too often forgotten: traditional communication

Yes, we start with a great classic, because most auto-entrepreneurs neglect this essential element. Since dematerialization is generally at the heart of independent work, we forget the importance of paper and physical media. However, on this side, we will have every interest in turning to cheap and quality solutions.

Of course, there is no question of paying for routing. This would require the budget of an SME, in addition to being incompatible with the auto- business: in fact, you will not be able to deduct your costs from your turnover! This limitation on the micro-enterprise regime should therefore guide your choices. For paper communication, therefore focus on targeted, incisor, and calibrated. In 99% of cases, a few tens or hundreds of business cards and flyers should be sufficient.

Physical communication media will be decisive for prospecting around your home, in a nearby radius. But that is not enough, even in activities with a necessarily limited geographical scope (gardening, cleaning, real estate, etc.). To conquer all audiences and leave no age group behind, we must invest in the Web. This is the only way to be twice as visible.

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What about digital?

In the digital world, the base is to have a showcase website or blog. If possible with a personalized domain name, you will keep costs down. All with a serious and elegant design, making it really professional (there are many free models). From there, be present on social networks, create content if you have the time, and retain your customers and prospects with the help of a newsletter.

Finally, one last possibility consists in showing oneself on the site of others. Does that seem impossible to you? Think again! You can always contact the webmasters of influential sites having a thematic connection with your field of activity.

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