The right photo to convey the right message

The right photo to convey the right message

It is not always easy to find a photograph that can highlight us in the context of a job search or in the illustration of a professional site. And yet the choice of images that you will offer to employers or your future clients is essential. As in the meetings, the most important happens in the first minutes. The same goes for the first virtual contact.

Take the time to take pictures that will express your personality without saying too much. And also think about sorting through the images you exhibit on social networks! So many tips that are essential if you are looking for a job or if you want to conquer a new business.

The demands of the world of employment

You must take into account that the choice of one candidate over another is sometimes subjective even if this is not always fair! A feeling that sets in, an image that corresponds to what pleases the employer, a photo that highlights you. All this can be decisive for the rest of your career.

The company is very demanding on the choice of these employees and will turn to a candidate who will adhere to the image of the company. If you are taking photos for CVs, it is important to take into account the type of missions you will have to perform and the universe in which you will operate. A candidate for a position in a beauty salon will necessarily be judged on his image. But he is not the only one! Indeed, each candidate will be looked at through the prism of the company. A person who shows up to do the handling must take care not to get too ready and rather show simplicity and practicality. On the other hand, a sales representative will show particular care in the choice of his outfit and his hairstyle.

Improve your digital identity

Prepare your job search by cleaning up the images of yourself available on the Internet. Be very careful what you post publicly on social networks. If you want to know what people think of you, just search for it by putting your first and last name. You will be able to consult the sites on which you appear and the images which are accessible by everyone!

Photos of professional events

Companies regularly call on a professional photographer to keep in mind the significant events in its history but also to communicate better. However, it is easy to take a few photos of a gala evening or a sporting event. But they will never be of the quality of professional work. The relevant vision of a professional photographer highlights the highlights of an evening or allows to capture a bond or an expression of pride of a collaborator. Discreet presence and adaptability, the photographer exercises his mission to perfection. He then offers his work in the form of print, book, or digital images. The photos can then be integrated on the company’s website or on an information brochure which will serve to convey a positive image of the company.

The use of images in the context of training

Some courses use the knowledge of a professional photographer to work on self-confidence and the enhancement of one’s strengths. Seeing an image of us, it is easier to understand that certain elements of our outfit, tattoos, or slightly crazy hair color are very often a barrier that we place between ourselves and others. The photographer works on enhancing the appearance, but also the attitude adopted in front of a recruiter. In a mock job interview, the body speaks and expressions betray. Without erasing everything, it is important to be aware of the image that we refer to as our interlocutor. A professional photographer highlights what can be improved and the candidate’s positive points. It’s also a great exercise to gain self-confidence by agreeing to let someone capture your image!

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